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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year - New Arrangement

If you ask my husband or my kids they will tell you that I am kind of obsessed with re-arranging furniture.  So, keeping with tradition I have moved a few things around making my electric fireplace the focal point of my living room.  Now, I know what you are thinking...  "Electric fireplace?! Ha ha, ho ho.  What is an electric fireplace?"

When you live in an area where it's usually not very cold, and the EPA likes to apply New Jersey or Iowa particulates standards to the dustiest terrain in the country, an old fashioned wood fireplace doesn't get used much.

When they say "NO BURN, you evil heathen!!!" I say "HA.  Take that you wicked desert alien!"  An electric fireplace offers ambiance and warmth and let's you say "pooh, pooh" to the fireplace police here in Arizona.

The small table on the left was a Goodwill find.  I will be blogging later when I re-do this little table.  The "drawer" is actual not, it's hinged and all of my remote's are hidden inside.  I threw some of my art work on the wall and the clock that was my birthday gift from Uncle Jack (I wonder if my hubby realizes that I reclaimed it).  On the right of my fireplace is my recycled lamp Candleabra.  I'll be looking for the perfect chairs for either side of the fireplace.

The room feels more comfortable now, and the fireplace is at the center of it all.  Can you say "Cozy"?

Bryndal, sweetie, do you want to watch the Dog Whisperer?

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