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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Charm Springs Forth

You know all those new houses in those new neighborhoods where all the roofs are the same?  They're all painted the same color and your this close to your neighbor.  We used to live in a neighborhood like that.  The one my brother and sister-in-law lived in was so clone-ish that we would often have trouble finding their house.  That 2 story number that was built behind them finally solved that problem for us, but I don't think they liked the idea that their neighbors could see everything they were doing in their tiny back yard.

The "before"...

I've always loved older houses because they have so much charm.  The Bee Hive had hidden charm from day one.  Our first encounter with our "estate" was a view in the windows that did not reveal the great bones of this place.  We were actually looking at the property across the street and saw a for sale sign in the window.  After making offers on three different houses on that same street before we finally got a home here, and the more homes I see in our 55 plus year old neighborhood the more I realize we really do have a little gem of a house.  I think we ended up with the best of the three we bid on.

and the "after".

So now our new roof is complete and the charm is eye-catching.  I love to sit on the front porch (I think I have porch sores on my behind from being bored there a lot during my recovery) and I notice the drivers and pedestrians turn to look at our place as they go by.  The bright red door is turning even more heads.  Soon the grass will be bright green with the summer irrigation and there is talk of a new fence and improved gate with our neighbors.  Our next step out front...taking out the poor ficus tree that sucummed to severe frost.  You know how harsh the Arizona winters are...whimpy tree.

Friday's are "Wear Red to Support Our Military" days.  We've decided to just go red everyday with our front door and draped our son's Army flag in the window in support of his decision to serve our country.

Before he flew off to basic training, my son and I installed these shutters that I found at Stardust for $4 a piece (see the previous post) and the iron sconces were a 50 cent find at a garage sale.  And we had pretty red candles in the sconces but this is Arizona and they had taken on a graceful curviture before plopping to the patio .  A few more fake candles have been ordered for the summer months.

I just need a few plants for my pots, a new light fixture because I broke the one that was here when we moved in (I was having trouble with Christmas lights.  I still don't know how I broke it), and maybe a porch swing.  Walking up under the shade of our 50 plus year old Laurel tree is already a comforting experience.  A few more special touches and it will be and "oooo, how cute" moment for all of our visitors.

Heres to all of the charming days ahead.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time To Recover and Re-roof.

Sometimes things are made right but after use and time parts wear out and repairs must be made.  Then again, sometimes things are just done completely wrong from the start and you put up with the stares and the laughs and the embarassment until you just can't take it any more.

The first is me.  I was wonderful and beautifully made by God.  But with time and use some of my parts have expended themselves beyond the point of usefullness.  Recently, my not really needed parts also came under fire from themselves.  As a result...a pretty major surgery, 4 days in the hospital and an extensive recovery at home.  Yes, it was the big "H", and even though I was told how long it would take to recover I knew I was stronger and it wouldn't be nearly that long.  Yeah, right!

The second is our roof.  As a teenager I assisted my parents and siblings in re-roofing the ole' homestead with a new layer of shingles.  Dad handed us a hammer and some nails and showed us how to roof a house.  I'm ashamed to admit that we have lived in this house 2 years and I had never seen the roof until we had wind damage from a recent storm and we were getting an assessment from our friendly neighborhood roofer.

You have got to be KIDDING!  Who in the world put this roof on?!

So.  As I sit here recuperating I get to observe and catalog a few exterior improvements that will make a huge improvement to the integrity and appearance of the house.

The next big project, calling the local water company to tell them what idiots they are because they suggest we neighbors get together and pay someone to come out and fix their broken irrigation system.  You have got to be KIDDING!  What numb-skulls are running the water comany?!
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