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Friday, January 21, 2011

You Bought A What?

$8.  That's what this beauty cost me.  Eight lousy bucks that the other guy wouldn't fork out.  The seller told me they were originally asking twice that but they had dropped the price because it was getting late in the day.  (There are advantages to sleeping in sometimes)  Well, it was one of those moments.  "What the heck am I going to do with a Korean War Cluster Bomb Box?"  There was no reason to buy it, and no suggestion in my head that said this was some great antique.  But I HAD to have it.

Check out the cool lettering.

 You know the feeling.  That little voice that just tugs at you and says "Buy it! Buy it!".  

...and the awesome paint drops.

Do you like my "antique" photo effect?

I keep some of my potential projects here until I need them.

The details are amazing.

So, none of my friends have a Korean War Cluster Bomb Box.  No one in my family has a bomb box.  Nonetheless, I found out when I got home that it was, in fact, a great purchase because my 21 year old son said "Coooo-ooooool".  That's all one needs to hear when ones actions make them start to think that they have early onset dementia.

There is so much great stuff out there.  And if you sleep in and think it's too late to hit the yard/garage/rummage sales on a Saturday, maybe it's not.  I'm just glad I could help those folks out by taking this crazy thing off their hands.

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