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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedded Bliss

My blessing abound daily.  I am blessed with a wonderful, handsome, caring, funny and generous husband.  On the day of our wedding I wore the gown of my dreams.  As I saw it hanging in my closet this afternoon I thought it would be a pretty thing to blog about, and when I started shooting pictures of it I realized that my "style" hasn't changed much.  I still like pretty, frilly, old fashioned things.

Dave and I were engaged six weeks after we met and we set a date for December which meant we had about 4 months to do everything, including find a dress.  Mom and I hit the bridal shops together one Saturday and at store #3 there it was. was the wrong color (beige) and too expensive.  Once again, the blessings came upon me.  My mother is a seamstress extraordinaire.  When she realized how much I loved the style of the dress she suggested we find a similar pattern at the fabric store and shop for various laces.  Being the seamstress she is, she knows all the best stores to find things like lace, and she pulled the pattern out of the package and proceeded to fold, draw, cut and pin, until we were able to match what we had seen.

Since our wedding was during the Christmas season we incorporated tiny silk burgundy roses and poinsettias in to the dress.

There are, I believe, 9 different kinds of lace on the dress, some of which we could only find in white-white.  We died it with tea so that the dress had the proper Ivory coloring.  We shopped just about every fabric store in the Phoenix metropolitan area to find the perfect fit.

More of the burgundy coloring was added with this satin lace up in the front of the dress.

I love the pretty, puffy lace sleeves.

And the pointed hem-line. 

Mom also included a built in slip, again finished in another type of lace.

If I were to get married today, or maybe just renew my vows with my sweet, giant teddy bear, I would wear this same dress.  I hope that all brides are blessed with the same feeling after taking a walk down memory lane.

Thanks for sharing those memories with me.

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  1. Oh what a lovely bride...your dress is gorgeous. You look so happy. You havent aged a bit wow.
    LOve, Debbie


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