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Monday, November 16, 2009

$7.50 cent solid Brass Candelabra

You are probably thinking, ?"yeah, right. Where can you get a $7.50 solid brass ornate candelabra?" Goodwill, of course. There is a catch. You have to be willing to think outside the box and stare at something for a minute. Ok, so the people shopping at Goodwill might think you are a little nuts for staring at an old lamp, but they probably don't have the vision that you have.

Mom and I hit half-off day and there in the lamp section I found this beauty. As a lamp it's not my style, but as a candle holder, or perhaps even a gazing ball stand for my garden, yes, it's definitely me. As soon as we got back to her place we pulled out the tools, cut the cord and removed the bulb base. We then had to reinstall the bulb base inside the bottom of the lamp so it would hold together.

I threw on a small brass toned bracelet that I "borrowed" from my daughter and Voila! A stunning piece. In order to place the candle on I had to carve out a bit of the wax from the bottom of the candle as the lamp has a "hump" where the hardware was attached.

Be sure to comment with your staring-at-a-lamp story.

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