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Sunday, November 15, 2009


I visited my good friend, Kelli, the other day and was once again astonished by her natural gift for creating beauty out of what others would simply toss out. I offered to be her manager and get her hired to be the hostess for a new show on HGTV. Maybe "Decorating Outside the Box" or "Beautiful Abodes on a Budget". What ever the name, her home is the ideal example of her skill and talent.

So, I began my own feeble attempt at creative home decorating on a budget. I hope to work with Kelli and others who have great ideas who are willing to share them with you. Most of what you will see will be taking treasures we find a 2nd hand stores, but I will also attempt to share ideas for dressing up inexpensive (oh, let's say Ikea) into pieces that you wouldn't recognize.

My experience in decorating also includes designing sets for plays. I've worked with different materials creating the impression of something that wasn't really there. I will try to share some of what I have done.

If you find me and us and you like learning or try what we do or are inspired to share what you have created please comment. Life should be about beauty and beauty comes in all different forms, one of which is the beauty of sharing.

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