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Friday, December 10, 2010

Today's Thrift Store Re-purpose

Sometimes you run across a piece that you know is just perfect.  Even if you don't know what it is or where you will use it you just know that it's perfect.

An online search for "Maison de Provence" found several links referring to a shop with this name in New Orleans that specializes in French and Antique furnishings.   I think it is a tray for a planter but I was unable to find anything similar on their website.  Regardless, this $2.99 find at Goodwill was the perfect large piece for my kitchen shelf (a former kitchen cabinet).  It was a little grungy when I purchased it so I cleaned up the gooey stuff and was left with just enough distressing to make it simply beautiful.  P.S.  The solid marble candelabra next to it...also a Goodwill find.

These pieces will "pop" quite a bit when I have finished the inside of the shelf with fabric.  

I am becoming a Goodwill addict.  I must learn to control myself.

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  1. Great find, isn't Goodwill wonderful?! I try to make it in once a week for a quick treasure hunt!


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