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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Forgot To Mention...

So sorry to forget this.  Particularly since I expect it to be one of the most unique and endearing features of my new kitchen.  I completed the first part of my test on my faux wood beams.  You can find faux wood beams on the internet but the price is, well, let's just say....CRAZY!

As is my calling, I have found a more affordable way to create this look.   I'm using different tools and chemicals to make these but here is the basic shape.  You can buy this styrofoam in 4' x 8' sheets from Home Depot.  It comes in a variety of thicknesses.  I picked the 2" thick foam and glued two pieces together with spray glue.  (Spray both pieces of foam).

I cut the pieces 5" wide and glued them together to form a 4" x 5" beam.  Since I was working outside I reached over and grabbed my Bar B Que scrubber and used it to scrape the foam on the sides and hide the seam.  I scraped it across the wide side of the foam to create a wood grain effect..

Since I have worked with this kind of foam before I know that Mineral Spirits will "eat" it.  Next step...using Mineral Spirits to create the look of aged insect tunnels.  Be sure to check in as I go along to find out how they look.

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  1. Do you have any pictures of your finished faux wood beam? I'd love to see it.


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