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Monday, December 6, 2010

Kitchen Project - Something A Little Different

These homes built in the 1950's have a wonderful, energy saving feature (NOT!) that you just don't find in new homes.   Nothing says mid-century Ranch in Arizona like crank-out windows.  Windows that crank out require one very important thing, screens that hang "in".  That doesn't necessarily mean Ugly.  Idea time once more.

I painted the metal screen finish white.  A nice dress up, I thought.  But, ooo-ooo-ooohhhh noooo.  That would be way too easy.  A black & white Country French theme is what I'm going for here.  So I printed a Fleur De Lis on card stock and made my own stencil.  A quick spray of black paint and...voile!  (Note the extra touch with the Christmas Ornament for the holiday season)

Don't forget the finishing touches.  They can add a lot of spark.

Bryndal!  Don't chew the screwdriver!

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