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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm so excited!!!

It's my favorite time of year.  No, not Christmas, not Easter, not my birthday.  It's something even better.

It's High-School performance time, and that means sets for the play.  It's one of, if not my most favorite creative thing to do.  Over the years of done little things here and there for various elementary and middle school Christmmas programs.  In 2003 I became the parent of a high-school freshman, who was very much at home on the stage.  As a matter of fact, he finally became his real self when he was playing a part and making the audience laugh.

My first foray into the world of make believe was a small bit of faux painting assistance, a black light door knocker, and a portrait of one of the students as Scrooge for Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol".  I guess I made an impression because I was called upon again the following year for The Importance of being Earnest and Tales of the Kingdom.  It was here that I discovered the amazingly flexible set staple - styrofoam sheets used for insulating homes.

Each year, and with each play I had an opportunity to experiment and hone my styro-skills.  My most extravagant effort was a town square for Gossip Gone Wrong seen here...

This was all done with styrofoam sheets, clear plastic table clothes, cardboard pillar forms and miscellaneous wood trim. There was an extensive amount of math involved in this set to create the 3 dimensional street effect on a 2 dimensional flat panel.

Recently, I was called upon to do a simple decoration for a Christmas Program at my church.  Back to my favorite medium...styro.  I made 2 "pillars", 4 feet wide and 12" tall.  Each piece consisted of 2 separate sheets, a flat background piece and a carved 2nd piece attached with 3M spray glue.  This has been the best adhesive of everything I have tried.  The pieces were made from several thicknesses to provide a true three dimensional effect.  In addition, I used paint thinner to create textured icicles.  They were then sprayed with adhesive and sprinkled with a large-cut "snow" glitter.  The foam was finished with Glidden house paint.  Spray paint doesn't work as it has a tendency to eat the styrofoam.

So what's next, an audience participation, murder mystery.  I met with the drama teacher today and we went over sketches and ideas.  A living room with doors leading into a library, dining room, solarium, garden terrace, and curved stair case.  Sounds complicated, maybe?

Yes, I'm excited to have something fun and wonderful to blog about, in addition to my little craft ideas.   Keep checking back to see what ideas we come up with and how we overcome and difficulties that arise as we search for the desired effect.

So,, happy set building and happy crafting.

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