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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Cost Summary Of My Entry Decor

I put together this entry collection with a lots of bargain shopping and a little bit of creativity.  Some pieces were new but very reasonably priced and others are re-purposed.  I'll start from the top down and go over where I purchased each item and what it cost. 

The mirror was purchased from Fry's Marketplace at 75% off.  Originally around $50 I was able to pick it up for $12.99.  This was not a scratch & dent or flawed in any way.  I was simply at the right place at the right time.

All of the books were purchased at Goodwill on half-off day.  I chose the top two because the covers were in very good condition and visually appealing.  The bottom book was painted with house paint and antiqued with a little bit of craft paint (see previous blog).

The red fabric mirror, the black iron decor and the ceramic bird were all purchased at Goodwill, again on half-off day, and all were in perfect condition.  The lamp was one I already owned but it was white with an ugly white plastic shade.  I spray painted the base of the lamp brown and antiqued it with a little bit of cream colored paint and picked up 1/4 yard of decorator fabric and beaded trim at Home Fabrics for $6.  The lamp shade was recovered using a little bit of hot glue.

The red table "runner" is simply one of my placemats.  The table itself was purchased at Fry's Marketplace for $25.  It was one of those put-it-together-yourself pieces, but the size was perfect.  The basket also joined us from Fry's.  It has a white cotton lining that is attached and I picked it up at 40% off - $7.  The picture is a drawing I did many years ago, of my son and his dog.  There are a few other framed drawings behind it.  I just switch them out and place a different one in front when I am in the mood.  Behind that, another Goodwill item.  Some scrap silk plant parts.

In total, I have calculated the approximate cost, not included the items I already had, to total around $62.  That's it.  After that it was just a matter of playing around with the arrangement until I liked the look. I did not have a plan for the decor or the display when I started.  The pieces caught my attention individually, and when I started putting everything together they kind of told me where they wanted to go. 

So now you are thinking I am crazy and I talk to inanimate objects.  YES, I do!  Try it sometime.  You may like what they have to say.

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