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Friday, November 26, 2010

Poor, Lazy Woman's Thanksgiving Coleslaw

First of all, I was too lazy and too cheap to try it before Thanksgiving, so I am posting it after.  It was successful!  I received several positive comments on it, and when it comes to me and food preparation, positive comments are a rare me.

Second, I took this photo next to the burn on my counter top and my 56 year old stove top to reiterate the "poor" aspect of this recipe.  No fancy kitchen here.  I don't like to cook or prep, so I don't need a fancy kitchen.

Third, I didn't buy the ingredients at the big box store that I won't name here ( but it starts with a "W") because I was too "lazy" to deal with the long lines.  So I went to the next cheapest store.  I estimate the cost of the ingredients at around $5.  Nuts aren't cheap.  Unless you live at my house, then they're a dime a dozen.

So here it is.  A bag of coleslaw mix, a bag of dried cranberries, a bag of walnuts, a jar of coleslaw dressing and some broccoli.  Decapitate two broccoli spears. Open all the bags, dump everything into a bowl that has a tight fitting lid.  Put a little bit of coleslaw dressing in the mix, snap the lid on and shake vigorously.  Repeat if you want more flavor from the dressing.

Quick and easy.  It actually took longer to find the lid for the stupid bowl than it did to make the salad.  We  had 18 people at dinner and there are left-overs so estimate the number of servings from that.  I won't list the calories or any important information like that, because we all know that we don't eat the serving size anyway.

Happy, simple cooking everyone, and God Bless.

Bryndal, do you want to try mommy's coleslaw.  Bryndal! Wait, come back!

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