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Friday, November 26, 2010

Give Him Cookies And Milk And A Fat Man Will Let You Do Anything

I stuck a needle in Santa's butt.

 That's right ladies.  I stitched the old man's tush to a wreath and he didn't say a word.  Maybe he is just grateful that I saved his tiny little behind from a dirty yard sale box.  Maybe he had a sleigh accident and was paralyzed in the back side.  All I know is that he sat still and didn't squeel.

The shopping list for Mr. Clauses throne?   A white hangar from my closet.  Cotton fabric, lace and beads from the thrift store.  Ribbon from a craft grab bag at a yard sale.  And, of course, the man himself.  Kris was hiding in a box of Christmas leftovers at a yard sale last Saturday.  Shhhhh.  Don't tell him that he was actually a throw in on another deal.  I couldn't pass up that Korean war cluster bomb box...and...I asked them to throw in St. Nick.

The how-to for my man?  Cut lace into 5x5 squares and cotton fabric into 1 1/2x 9" strips.  I frayed the cotton to add a little softness to the piece.  Open an old hanger and run the hanger through each piece of lace about 4 times, folding the lace back and forth as you do.  Tie a piece of the cotton fabric on to the hanger between each piece of lace.  Pack that hangar full of lace and fabric, to the point where you can barely fit another piece in.  

Reconnect the hanger and fold the hook around into a loop with pliers.  If you're strong enough you can do it with your fingers but why risk breaking a nail.  
Wrap the wreath loosely in ribbon.  Sew the ribbon at various points to keep it from moving, if you wish.  Now for the fun part.  This is where I stuck Santa!  If you are going to make this wreath and have a LARGE center piece attach it first.  That way you won't cover up the cool little things you will attach later.
For the final touch I recommend sewing on beads, or trinkets, or pearls or whatever.  Make it your own.  Skip the hot glue gun.  I have found over the years that it doesn't stand up well in storage and you have to re-attach pieces every year.  Plus, I think that stitching things on this piece gives it a more Victorian feel.
Did I mention the milk and cookies??  Once Santa is stuck on the wreath....their aaalllllllllllll yours.
Merry Christmas and God bless.
Bryndal!  Share your toys.  Let the cat have the tennis ball for a while.

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  1. love the vintage/victorian feel - santa looks right at home. :) isn't it amazing what a simple wire hanger can do?



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