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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Time Repurpose - A Truly Green Idea

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We recently ripped all this down to install a new 6' vinyl fence.  It sure was beautiful and the fort will be missed.

For a few days last month it was spring here in Arizona.  You may have heard it said that we have only 3 seasons here.  Summer lasts about 8 months, Fall about 3 1/2 and Spring about a week.

So during that week a few of my neighbors trimmed their overgrown Mulberry trees.  Not the neighbor that should cut their poor excuses for trees down, mind you.  Just the ones that have managed to keep their alive and beautiful long past their normal life spans.

Stacks of branches laying in front yards inspired me...twice.

Project #1  - A Privacy fence.

 I tied and wove some of the smaller curved branches through my ugly chain link fence.  The snail vine, cats claw and lantana have already started to weave around this natural fence.  I can't wait to post next years photos with all the growth.

Project #2 - A Fort For the Grandkids.

I add new branches almost every day and the cats claw continues to wrap itself around the frame work.  Next years photo's should show the coolest fort ON THE PLANET!  My grandson particularly likes the new door.  Now he can play inside without the dogs licking him all the time.

Talk about going green.  We'll be having a lot of fun and a lot of privacy.

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